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  • I’m an Amazon Author with Six 5-star Books since February 2012.
  • I’ve written hundreds of blog posts on my own and other blogs.
  • I wrote, produced and edited commercials
  • I wrote for a regional health magazine
  • My remote training clients range from telecommuting moms to sports professionals
  • I’ve personally tested all of my training and nutrition programs
  • I personally use all of my own Social Media Marketing techniques that I write about.

If you’ve been directed here from one of my published media works, including Amazon Kindle, this is only the beginning. For more content, please follow the links below that lead to sections of this site according to the publication you’re reading. Thanks.

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Charles Miske Author first hike on Elbrus from Cheget
Prepared for first acclimatization hike for “Elbrus, My Waterloo”

I write on topics associated with mountaineering, travel and the outdoors, based largely on my own adventures around the world, including Ecuador, Argentina, Russia, Japan, Alaska, Singapore, Mexico and the United States, especially Utah and Colorado, the two states I reside in. I blog and post about my adventures as Charles Miske Author:

Seven Summits Quest Website: HERE
Seven Summits Quest on Blogger: HERE
Seven Summits Quest on Facebook: HERE
Seven Summits Quest Twitter: HERE

Charles Miske Author preparing for Elbrus Hike
Ready for hike to Pastukhova Rocks for “Elbrus, My Waterloo”

I am a serious fitness buff, and part-time consultant to athletes. I have been in hard training since 2006. I lost over 60 pounds and improved my body composition considerably training like a mountaineer based on advice from guides and professional climbers. I write on topics associated with fitness, health, training, fat loss and body composition as Charles Miske Author:

Seven Summits Body Website: HERE
Seven Summits Body on Blogger: HERE
Seven Summits Body on Facebook: HERE

Charles Miske Author waiting for a taxi in Cheget
Waiting for a taxi in Cheget in preparation for summit day for “Elbrus, My Waterloo”

I used to work in marketing and social media at my day job. I am currently in semi-retirement as I strive to accomplish my goals in publishing, writing and marketing. I write on topics involving Social Media, Social and Community Management, and promotion. Check out the following:

Charles Miske Author on Facebook: HERE
Charles Miske Author on Amazon: HERE

Charles Miske Author in the Cheget Dining Hall
Dining at the hotel in Cheget for “Elbrus, My Waterloo”

I am currently working on a fictional tale, and a motivational self help book.

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