Angie and Charles in Frisco Colorado
with my wife in Frisco CO

Effective 01/19/2012, the following disclaimers need to be made in regard to this blog, some due to various laws, etc. and some just to be out in the open about it.

1) I am currently a Goal0 athlete. This gives me access to use their solar charging equipment around the world for free as an unofficial ambassador. I receive no pay or other compensation.

2) I am an Amazon Affiliate. While my overall income is extremely low, I do put up links to Amazon to images, descriptions and reviews. As well, I do totally believe in Amazon Prime. Anything I show that I did purchase on Amazon was completely with my own money.

3) I have intentionally dissociated myself from any companies or businesses that I am in any way affiliated with and are not mentioned explicitly here. The reasons are many and varied, including noncompete/nondisclosure/socialmedia agreements, including implied agreements.

As best I know, everything I write about here is true and factual. If not, I will be sure to mention up front that it’s fiction. Anything I write about climbing or training must be taken with a bit of self-control. Make sure you apply my principles to your case – do not attempt anything your doctor didn’t give you permission to attempt. If you don’t know what you’re doing or why, please don’t do it. Be safe.

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