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Hi, and welcome to the Charles Miske Author blog. Here’s where I’ll share my books, writing projects, and some of my training programs and specials.

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New Year Resolutions Special

Four Books for the Price of One!

I have the best suggestion for a New Years Resolution with the potential to turn your life around. It’s a condensed version of the exact same program I used to lose and keep off over 50 pound of fat.

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According to Nordictrack, Incline Training burns 5x the calories  Story HERE and this book is all about Incline Training. Buy it now and get started on the way to a new stronger faster you.

How to Write a Book Guaranteed

How to Write a Book Guaranteed 10 Week Program Starting Soon Register Now
How to Write a Book Guaranteed 10 Week Program Starting Soon Register Now

10 Week Hands-on Training Program

You can do it. I’ll take care of you through the entire process and guarantee that you’ll have your own 20-40,000 word manuscript ready to submit for self-publishing at Amazon Kindle and B&N Nook or I’ll run you through the entire 10 weeks all over again at my own expense. You can’t beat a guarantee like that, and it’s less than half the price of similar programs being advertised right now with 1/3 of the benefits of this program.

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