Thank you for visiting. I’m Charles Miske. Among many things, I’m a father, a husband, an author, visual media enthusiast, fitness fanatic and a climber. Maybe in that order, maybe not.

A very long time ago I wrote articles for a local New Age newspaper in Kansas City. I edited and published a fanzine. I wrote press releases for local businesses including my own. I wrote content for large portal websites. I have shopped a couple screenplays around Hollywood, and wrote commercials for local businesses. Currently I am working on Kindle Books in the do-it-yourself genre while I compile stories based on my climbing adventures.

As a visual media enthusiast I have taken several photographs and videos used in media presentations for corporate and commercial use, as well as hanging around my house. I have shot and edited commercials for clients in Utah and California.

As a climber, I’m working on the Seven Summits Quest, and have completed Kilimanjaro, with failed attempts on Elbrus (twice), Aconcagua, and Denali (noted in stories above). I also ice climb, rock climb and hike quickly.

As a fitness fanatic, I run Seven Summits Body, based on the 60 pounds I’ve lost and kept off for four years while training for the Seven Summits and mountaineering in general. A typical training day for me is 2 hours of hard work 6 days a week. Sometimes one of those days is a long day of fun outdoors.

As a father and husband, I live with my wife Angie and our daughter and two sons near Breckenridge, CO. This puts me in the middle of some of the most amazing outdoor scenery and climbing and hiking in the world.

I invite you to join me here as I share my artistic endeavors and media and materials meant to supplement my work, as well as some mere rants, brags, and rambling.

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