Kindle Ebooks Without a Kindle

Click this link to get your Free Kindle Reader App:

Many of my friends and followers stated that you can’t read Kindle Ebooks without a Kindle. This is not true. Amazon has provided a number of alternatives for reading ebooks that you purchase or download from their site. First of all, go to the Amazon Home Page, and find the link for Kindle – currently this is on the left side, but they do change their appearance frequently with announcements and other changes to the home page.

Kindle Ebooks Reader Step 1 - click link for free apps
Click the Home Page link for “Free Kindle Reading Apps”

The next page lists quite a few options for reading Kindle Ebooks. My personal favorite is the Chrome Plugin, but the Browser Cloud Reader works too, and is excellent if you don’t want to install software. For this example, I’m going to select the Computers:Windows option.

Kindle Ebooks Reader Step 2 - select your reading app
Select the type of computer you want to install the reader on

Download your Kindle Ebooks Reader App

After selecting your operating system, you will have to click a button to “Download” the installer for your Kindle Ebooks reading app.

Kindle Ebooks Reader Step 3 - download your app
Download the Reader App for your operating system

While your file downloads, Amazon shows fairly explicit instructions for installing your app or software. This window will normally stay open while you install, so you don’t have to rush to memorize them.

Kindle Ebooks Reader Step 4 - how to install the app
While your file downloads, read the instructions to install

Install your Kindle Ebooks Reader App

When you run the installer for your app or software, you will most likely have to authorize it to run in your device or computer. Amazon is a reputable business, so this should be safe.

Kindle Ebooks Reader Step 5 - authorize your app
Authorize your app when it’s time to run the installer

On my computer it took only a couple minutes for the installer to run, and afterward the Kindle Ebooks Reader opened up and asked for my Amazon Registration information to associate it with my account. When you do, all your previous titles should appear in your Library for reading in your computer.

Kindle Ebooks Reader Step 6 - Register your app
Register your app to connect it to your account at Amazon and have access to your Kindle Ebooks

Enjoy your Kindle Ebooks Reader App

Now if you go to the purchase page for any Kindle Ebooks, you’ll see under the “Deliver to:” dropdown an option to read them on your application or software – in this case “charles’s Kindle for PC”. Other options are my Kindle, and my Cloud Reader, which is any browser-based app or plugin.

Kindle Ebooks Reader Step 7 - purchase your book and deliver to your app
Purchase your ebook and deliver it to your Reader App

The “Transfer via Computer” option is for if you have a Kindle and for some reason don’t have access to a wireless or 3G network to download the file. You can plug your Kindle into your computer via USB cable and transfer it manually, which overall I don’t recommend simply because it’s not something the average tech user can do well. This file will be in a format that is probably only readable by a Kindle, and not a generic format like PDF.

The instructions for installing an App on your phone or other device are similar, and if you’ve ever installed mobile software before, will be easy enough to figure out. I clicked the Browser Cloud Reader link and it just took off with the reader in the browser window, but I didn’t test it to verify that it works in all browsers so YMMV.

Good luck, have fun, and enjoy your Kindle Ebooks.

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