Orizaba eBook Free to Celebrate Carstensz Publishing

My Orizaba eBook, on Amazon [CLICK HERE] has had some decent reviews. Here’s an example:

5-stars: If you are interested in mountaineering you will enjoy the read. It’s a very quick read and The style of writing is very enjoyable. If climbing Orizaba is on your agenda, you will pick up some useful bits of info on the travel process and the experience as a whole with some info on how to make it as affordable as it can be. I want to go someday

I decided that with the publication of my new Carstensz eBook it would a cool way to introduce it by offering a special on the Orizaba eBook. How does free sound?

Orizaba eBook cover image
Orizaba eBook cover from the Amazon Kindle store

Orizaba eBook Special Offer Details

I arranged with Amazon to promote this Orizaba eBook free for 24 hours only. 21 May 2013, from 12:01 AM Pacific Time to 11:59 PM Pacific Time. Amazon has an office on the West Coast, so they go by Pacific Time. Keep that in mind when you go to make your “purchase” – if you go to the page in the link above, and the price shown on the Orizaba eBook description is not $0.00 then check the current Pacific Time.

If you do download this book to your Kindle, Phone, Tablet or PC, please read it as soon as convenient, then leave an honest review. Sure, I’d love more 5-star reviews. But most importantly, to make follow-up editions of the Orizaba eBook even better, I’d love suggestions and advice as well. If I do make changes to the book, it’s simple enough to update it for free, and I’ll see if I can get Amazon to alert you to 2nd editions. They have a relatively simple process in place.

If you don’t have a Kindle, there is a really easy to use Chrome App, Phone Apps, and even a PC App. Here are a few instructions to get you started reading all my books from Amazon [CLICK HERE].

Orizaba eBook Free for Prime

Keep in mind too, that I have allowed this book to be part of the Amazon Prime Lending Library. That means if you’re a Prime member on Amazon, you can read it for free. I use this feature a lot on my own Kindle. Sadly, you can only do this from your Kindle, not from any of the Apps or browser windows, just a warning.

Remember, free for all, USA Pacific Time, May 21. Get it. Read it. Leave a review. Hope you enjoy it.

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