Skate for Hope – training in spite of it all

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve cracked two ribs, and the doctor said 4-6 weeks of healing time. This intersected with my Aconcagua trip, but it also crosses the Skate for Hope training sessions we have lined up for February. Since I can’t run too hard (yes, I tried), and I can’t do the stairmaster or any other climbing-specific training, I figure I’ll refocus on the skating for now.

Me on Keystone Lake - 9300'
Me on Keystone Lake - 9300'

I sustained some damage at the origin of my obliques, around the insertion of my serratus. Also the nerves “electrical firing” of them is messed up to keep them from pulling on the cracked section of ribs. In simple terms, this means various types of bending and twisting are fairly painful, or even not possible. There’s a lot of that in skating. I also probably shouldn’t fall. Nope.

Aside from that, I also recently got new boots and blades, and that messed me up some. So I’m skating with cracked ribs and new boots, and new blades, and I can’t risk falling. Awesome. The reason for this is Skate for Hope. It’s a charity event in Columbus Ohio, on June 16, 2012. Angie went two years ago, and was so inspired she helped put together a team to skate in the 2011 show. The team has grown and expanded, and I’ve been inspired to join in, though I’ve only been figure skating for about one year.

Angie and I on Keystone Lake
Angie and I on Keystone Lake

I started skating late last week, and have done two sessions already. Mostly I’m working on forward and backwards swizzles, wiggles, and slalom. Forward stroking and alternating one-foot swizzles, one and two-foot snowplow stops, forward inside and outside edges. It’s actually been pretty good overall. I have to stop and rest every couple laps, since I can’t take a decent deep breath. I also have to manage my speed and control to prevent falling. It’s a good time to focus on perfect position and balance too. Looking on the bright side 😀

I committed to raise $1000 for Breast Cancer, and so far am up to $200 (as of this writing). I would really appreciate help in my efforts to skate and train in spite of my injuries, and to go against my normally quiet reserved nature to become a showman for this event. Please go to my Skate for Hope profile and donate, even $10, to help.

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