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From My Sweet Infected:

He had me alright. Holed up in that closet sobbing quietly in fear I heard only the silence, then someone moving around quietly opening doors and drawers. It didn’t sound like mom or dad, and even so, I would have stayed in that closet out of fear. Suddenly the door swung outward and I stumbled out into the light. The memory of it was a tornado of flying shadows and grabbing claws, and then I looked past my fear and Porter stood there as surprised as I was. He set down his bag and a bloody machete and coaxed me gently into his arms. – My Sweet Infected, Chapter 4

Dedication & Forward

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This book began a couple years ago from an idea nurtured while stuck in base camp on Aconcagua in Argentina in 2012. It started out as one thing, faded away to a back corner, then came out as another thing entirely as my character evolved. It was almost like channeling as she surprised me at many turns with ideas and needs of her own.

I work out quite a bit and one of my favorite multi-tasking methods is to watch anime episodes on the Roku while on the treadmill. They are perfectly suited to it, being 24 minutes long. I just train for 1, 2, 3 or so episodes each day. I have to admit that it was quite an influence on this story, giving me various common anime themes, characters and story lines. If you’re a fan of anime you’ll recognize several of them.

I need to thank my wife Angie for putting up with my various behavior oddities as I was fully into my character. I need to thank all of my family for letting me have the time to write this. I need to thank my current fans for letting me step away from mountaineering and fitness long enough to pursue my dream in fiction. I need to thank what powers may be for letting the muse loose on me in this writing journey.

Most importantly I need to thank you for taking the chance on reading this and I sincerely hope that you are pleased with it. [/expand]

My Sweet Infected: the controversial, unconventional dystopian zombie romantic triangle that will blow away all your preconceived notions about our future

About the Author

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Charles Miske is a writer living in Summit County Colorado where he runs, rides, skis and climbs. He grew up under the influence of his mother, a nearly rabid fan of romance fiction. He has several books published about mountaineering expeditions and fitness and diet. This is his first fiction work. Hopefully there are many more coming in the near future.

“I had a lot of fun writing this, with a heavy influence from anime using some of the same themes and topics as popular current shows. I hope the special audience that appreciates this unique take on the zombie mythology will become long-term fans and help support me in my upcoming writing projects.”

If you’d like to stay in the loop, please go check out his blog at and get updates for the next book in this My Infected Series.