Ikea Style Shower Curtain System How-to

We had guests coming to visit, and the previous owners had a Mother-in-law room tacked onto the house with a large bubble tub. It was an odd size – 75″ and standard size hardware is only 72″. We looked online and could find some really very expensive rods, on the order of $120 or more on special order and we didn’t have time to mess around with special orders.

Wandering around in Home Depot and Lowes I got a sudden inspiration to make my own Ikea Style shower curtain. Every time I go to Ikea I am fascinated by their fake track lighting using steel cable and clips and decided that would be a great unique shower curtain “rod”.

8′ 1/16″ steel cable
1 – pack 1/16″ aluminum cable clamps (pr)
2 – 1/4″ threaded closed eye hooks
2 – 1/4″ steel washers – wide flange
1 – pack 1/4″ threaded folding sheetrock nuts (pr)
8 – 3/32″ steel clip carabiners (though 12 was the right number)
1 – cloth shower curtain liner
1 – cloth shower curtain

I measured and drilled the rather large holes and inserted the folding wing nuts.

Hole drilled and insert backing toggle
Inserting sheetrock nut in drilled hole

I slid the retaining clip as far as it would go, then broke off the tabs used to insert the folding nut.

breaking tabs off sheetrock nut

I screwed in the eyebolts with wide flange washers.

eye bolt and washer
eye bolt and washer above shower enclosure

I put the aluminum cable clamp over the end of the cable, threaded the cable through the eyebolt, slid it through the clamp and slid the clamp tight to the eyebolt.

steel cable parts layed out
steel cable parts

I squeezed the clamp shut using a pair of dull wire cutters on a needlenose pliers, then did the other side.

loop steel cable through eye bolt and clamp
Steel Cable threaded through clamp, eye bolt, and back through clamp

I had to trim about a foot total off the ends of the steel cable, making sure I did the ends squarely with no sharp points hanging out.

steel cable tightened
Steel Cable threaded and tight

I put the shower curtain and liner together carefully lining up the holes (they were not exactly the same distance on either), then clipped the carabiners through the slots.

carabiner clipped through shower curtain and liner
Carabiner clipped through shower curtain and liner

I clipped the carabiners over the steel cable, making sure they were all in order and pointing the same way with the small end up over the cable.

hung shower curtain
Shower Curtain hung on Ikea Style Shower Hanger

To set to one side or the other, slide the end carabiner over the aluminum clamp where it will rest and keep it on the end. While open, the shower curtain will only be 72″ so the end away from the shower head will be the open gap.

shower curtain slid to end of hanger
Slide the last carabiner over the clamp to hold it to the end

The entire project took less than an hour to do and was pretty simple, requiring few tools. The most expensive item is the carabiners at a couple bucks each, but you could find something else like the larger round metal rings that clip (old fashioned shower rings) that are a lot less expensive.

Sharp Wire Cutters
Dull Wire Cutters
1/2″ or 5/8″ spade drill bit

Looks like a designer shower curtain system.

UPDATE: March 27 2014:

2 years and about 20 guest stays later this shower curtain system is still holding up and working great. I’m really glad I decided to install it rather than a larger heavier system. Simplicity is sometimes the best choice.

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