Carstensz, Stone Age to Iron Age

Climbing Carstensz Pyramid [Articles and Info]

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Puncak Jaya – the ultimate globetrotting adventure

Carstensz Pyramid is the highest peak in Indonesia. Otherwise known as Puncak Jaya, it is one of the most difficult and rarely climbed of the Seven Summits, numbering less than 10% of those who have climbed Everest. Previous expeditions have reported robbery, extortion, detention, bribery, abandonment, kidnapping, violence, and privation. State departments have issued warnings and alerts to avoid this mountain. Carstensz is not a forgiving mountain. One misstep on Puncak Jaya can lead to disaster. There is almost no way to be rescued there, unlike many other big mountains.

Porters trekking to Carstensz Pyramid Base Camp, Puncak Jaya in Indonesia
Porters trekking to Carstensz Pyramid Base Camp, Puncak Jaya in Indonesia

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“Early in the trek I suffered a costochondral separation (rib cartilage damage) and after days of sleeping in ten minute chunks managed to climb to the summit without full strength in my arms. With another injured teammate and two escorts I attempted to take a shortcut out, but we were apprehended by authorities. This is my story.” — from the author


5-star Amazon – Holy Snot!
“I have absolutely no experience in climbing, but this was still easy to understand for a non climber. If you or friends are considering climbing the Carstensz Pyramid, DON’T! Thanks for sharing the experience!”

5-star Amazon – Complete page-turner/finger-swiper
“An unbelievable account that had me giggling, gasping, and in awe over what Mr. Miske went through. He made it easy to read for someone who knows absolutely nothing about climbing, I appreciated that. (Although I had to Google what “scree” was. Haha) Britney Spears makes an appearance, also some witty commentary that made me just shake my head at what life is like over there. Holy snot! It’s an amazing story. Finished it in one sitting while sacrificing sleep. I had to see him home and safe first. :)”

5-star Amazon – Absolutely Amazing — both the adventure and the quality of the story-telling.
“This book is amazing. What Mr. Miske went through on this trip is beyond comprehension for most Americans. Physically and mentally he was put to one of the biggest tests of endurance the body can take. Plus he did a fantastic job telling the story in this book. Whether you’re a climber or not, or even into outdoor adventures, you will enjoy this book. It contains the human element as well as the technical side of things, which makes it a well-balanced and excellent read.”

5-star Amazon – Fantastic and inspiring read
“If you are into mountaineering at all, you will enjoy this book. If you are considering climbing Carstensz, this might give you pause and consider doing the Bass list instead. The writing style almost reads like a journal, very easy to follow and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I’ve read Mr. Miske’s other books and this is his best yet. It was great to see him make this summit, especially with everything that went on. The environment, the politics, the locals, the weather, the mud, the injuries, the exposure and terrain..its just unreal what the author went through to get this summit! Just read it. 5 stars!”

From the book jacket:

In April of 2013 the author was injured on the long trek through muddy equatorial jungles, yet persisted in the face of adversity to climb at any cost. After the summit, despite all the warnings, a small group of climbers takes a shortcut out of the jungle and paid the price.

Novella: 39,000 words

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